Coaching & Refereeing


All teams are required to participate in match “Duties” though out the event.  Each school must provide accredited officials for all team duties with a minimum of level 1 accreditation (divisional competition) or level 2 candidate (honours divisions) as listed in the tournament regulations.

Each school must nominate the teams’ referee(s) during the online team nomination process in the “Team staff” section. Multiple nominations are permitted.

Non-playing referees (adults or students) are encouraged and may officiate for multiple teams; provided alternative qualified referees are nominated and are available should the duties of those teams’ clash.

Contact your relevant State Volleyball Association to become a qualified Referee or enroll your school into a course


All schools must provide accredited coaches for each nominated team who hold a Volleyball Australia coaching accreditation to a minimum of level 1 as listed in the tournament regulations.

Volleyball Australia operates a coach education & development programs so individuals can enter the pathway as a coach, with little or no knowledge of the sport. Progress along this pathway is designed to allow a coach to develop their skills and coaching competencies within their own environment or while progressing along the coaching pathway. 

This is an important process to ensure young volleyballers are receiving up to date coaching information as well as educating coaches around the country on the best coaching methods and strategies to achieving desired learning outcomes from players.

Please contact your relevant State Volleyball Association to become a qualified Coach or enrol your school into a course.

State Accreditation Contacts

Please note; fines will be deducted from your duty bond, if coaches and referees are not appropriately accredited. If you are unsure about the Schools Cup coaching or referee system or your school’s responsibility, please check out the Tournament Regulations on the website or contact .