Draw & Results

Draw Revisions 

Year 7 Division 1 Boys (Revised Sat. Dec 4 11:18 AM AEST)
     POOL A – minor game time swaps, 8am & 9.15am Tue & Wed, and duty allocation later in day.  No Change to Monday

Year 8 Boys Honours  (Revised Sat. Dec 4 12:39 PM AEST)
    Working of Tue & Wed games to give fairer distribution of 2 games a day plus duty

Year 11/12 Boys Division 2  (Revised Sat. Dec 4 10:08 PM AEST)
     Team withdrawal – Pool B now 7 teams, games removed and duties re-allocated.  Some games times and courts shuffled Monday.
     Finals structure for 11B2 changed, removed 9th-12th playoff, replaced with Pool P round robin for 9th-11th placings.

Year 10 Division 2 Girls  (Revised Sat. Dec 4 2:42 PM AEST)
     Finals bracket amended to included 6th place (previously omitted)

Year 10 Girls Honours  (Revised Sat. Dec 4 6:54 PM AEST)
     Duty allocation change to even up duty commitments across all 5 teams.

Year 9 Division 1 Boys  (Revised Sat. Dec 4 8:29 PM AEST)
      POOL A – Tue & Wed scheduling changed to accommodate fairer *am game distributions.  No Change to Monday

Monday Duty Allocations – Please check 8B2, 8B1, 11/12B1, 9B1, 10B1, 10G2, 11/12B2

Note: Where “WT” or “work team” is listed, this refers to a teams “duty” commitments